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Monitoring, reporting and publications

a) Before a grant can be confirmed, conditions will be stipulated appropriate to the work to be carried out and establish agreed targets and/or milestones. If appropriate, a mentor would be assigned, to oversee the project. If the grant is payable in instalments, then payment of subsequent grant instalments will be dependent on satisfactory progress having been demonstrated and the Board of Trustees reserve the right to withdraw the grant on receipt of unsatisfactory progress reports. Failure to submit reports at the time specified by the Board of Trustees may also jeopardise the continuation of the trusts support. In addition to reports detailing progress, grant recipients will be expected to provide:

1. A statement of how the trusts funds have been spent for the year; and

2. Details (where appropriate) of any other funds applied to the same project.

b) Monitoring visits by the mentor or representatives of the trust may be expected during the period of a grant.

c) Grantees may be asked to take part in any publicity for the promotion of LEBE trust and its work which may include – but is not restricted to – their name and photograph being used and publishing their work in anthology and excerpts on the LEBE trust website.

d) Individuals and organisations cannot publicly use the trusts name to acknowledge the funding until this has been approved/agreed with the trust.

e) Where the purpose of the grant is to fund research, then the Board of Trustees may also stipulate how the results of such research should be published and how the trusts contribution should be acknowledged in any such publication. The Board of Trustees may require the grant recipient to publicise the trust in any of its publications relating to the project/work funded by the grant in the manner stipulated by the Board of Trustees at the time of making the grant.

f) The Board of Trustees also expect to receive copies of any published articles, papers or other outputs which may result from the project. This is subject to prior approval / agreement with LEBE trust.

g) Following the conclusion of the project, the grant recipient will (where appropriate) be expected to submit a final report, normally within three months of the end of the grant, detailing the full results and outputs from the project. The grant recipient should inform the trust of any extenuating circumstances whereby the submission of the final report is delayed, to allow a mutually acceptable date for submission to be agreed.

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