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Grant making criteria

a) The aim of the grant-making criteria is to provide clear information from the Board of Trustees to those individuals and organisations who want to apply for grants.

b) Clear guidance on criteria for applications from individuals and groups is a part of this policy and set out in the ‘Guidance notes on how to apply for a grant’ document. The Board of Trustees may delegate responsibility to its Grants Committee to review these criteria from time to time and, if necessary, to amend or update them.

c) The Board of Trustees wish to make grants to a wide range of organisations and are particularly keen to help BAME communities. While not excluding large UK-wide charities, the Foundation will normally only make grants to such organisations where the proposal and outcomes have potential to achieve a substantial impact in alleviating the multimorbidity burden.

d) Grant requests which the Board of Trustees will not normally support are:

1. Contributions to general appeals or circulars;

2. Religious activity which is not for wider public benefit;

3. Public bodies to carry out their statutory obligations;

4. Activities which solely support animal welfare;

5. Activities which have already taken place; and

6. Grant-making by other organisations.

e) The lowest amount that a grant will normally be made for is £500. This applies to small grants. Applicants should be mindful that in most cases, the grant will not exceed £5000.

f) A limited amount of funds are available to support individuals (typically university researchers), and the Board of Trustees have resolved to only accept applications from individuals for these funds as advertised or, exceptionally, on the basis of recommendations.

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