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We aim to support projects that directly address multimorbidity in BAME patients. This will include awarding research grants. A recurring theme, both in our stated object and the various strategic goals, is the emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach. This reflects a growing recognition that tackling multimorbidity in BAME patients requires interdisciplinary cooperation, with input from both medical and non-medical professionals, including psychologists, sociologists, cognitive scientists, epidemiologists and anthropologists

Our grant funding scheme has been established as a long-term initiative designed to support investigator-led research projects specifically aimed at relieving and/or understanding multimorbidity in BAME diabetes patients. We are keen to support projects that involve partnerships with local and/or international universities, and various charities, and not-for-profits, to deliver quality research.

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Lebe Trust is a registered charity (CIO) in England and Wales (1190779). A charitable incorporated organisation. A member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCV0 member ID: MEMBER/26810). Merseyside Liverpool.

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