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Promoting biomedical animation and other creative content in student research on diabetes and related illnesses in ethnic minorities

We offer access to premium biomedical 3D animation, motion graphics, and other creative content ,for a limited number of university students preparing PowerPoint presentations or research dissertations that focus on diabetes and related illnesses in people from ethnic minority groups. Such creative content can make a striking impact on an audience, helping to better convey findings from research in this important area, while also boosting student confidence.

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Benefits of creative content

Are you a postgraduate student preparing a PowerPoint presention on diabetes self-management in ethnic minorities? Are you an undergraduate student conducting a final year project on antimicrobial resistance in Africans with type 2 diabetes? A few medical animated video clips and other creative content can help convey your research findings effectively and help impress your audience.

Types of biomedical content for your research project

Video clips

Medical video animation (e.g., heart beats) can be very vivid and striking and have a lasting impact on your audience. Animated videos really help boost your confidence during a PowerPoint presentation for example.

3D animation

3D medical animations are an even better way of  demonstrating a biological organ or the workings of a specific physiological system (e.g., food digestion). Note that 3D animations can also be used to illustrate health-related behaviour (e.g., eating).


Photographs in a research dissertation or PowerPoint presentation can be essential in helping to illustrate a specific clinical finding or hypothesis. Photographs, like videos, help to illustrate an otherwise mundane section of text.

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We rely heavily on people’s donations to pay for premium access to medical animated videos through unlimited download subcription-based providers of stock medical video and audio.

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